There is no denying, if you are serious about your music you must have a good recording, only that way you will achieve a professional sounding mix.

We thankfully have been able to influence and give a boost to hundreds of artists we’ve worked with, some were offered their dream jobs on orchestras or bands, others signed record deals and more gigs, all because of our attention to detail and communication with our costumers. 

First, we try to understand what are the objectives and the message the client wants to express, then we use our expertise to capture the emotions and energy that are being conveyed. 

Our different live recording models and flexible budgets give the opportunity for artists to get the chance to move forward in their careers or to deliver their fans professional content they otherwise wouldn’t have access to without spending a considerable amount of resources. 

Due to the extraordinary times we are living in, at the moment, we can only provide these services in Portugal.

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