Mastering, nowadays is a much underrated and misunderstood stage of post- production. Audio mastering in its essence, is the art of making a mix sound as close as possible on different audio systems available on the market at a competitive loudness level. 

In other words, it is the mastering’s engineer main task to make a group of songs or a song sound balanced in level and in frequencies, so it sounds more cohesive when played on different music players, and as loud as it makes sense, compared to other songs within the same musical genre. 

Even now, we have access to online tools that use algorithms to take care of those decisions for us, and, we admit, some results are indeed very good. But mastering is not only about science, it is an art that leans much on the experience of the engineer and most of all, the human ear. 

Years of experience, hundreds of hours listening to music, top notch gear and a superbly well trained ear are the tools that help a mastering engineer make critical decisions, such as adding a bit of character from specific gear like tape distortion, or to use a hardware compressor that costs as much as our new swimming pool just to add that presence, or to glue everything together neatly, putting the professional quality stamp that will propel the song to success. 

Starting at 15€

Beware of volume changes

Paperweight – Pretérito Imperfeito (Final mix)
Paperweight – Pretérito Imperfeito (Original mix)

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