It is no secret that your music will only achieve great lengths with a good mix. Mixing is about understanding the song, the harmonies, instruments, lyrics, the message and the energy. So it is not surprising that it takes years of practice to achieve the level of the masters. 

With our communication channel always open, we can achieve the results intended and include the artist on the process of mixing, thus, making our mixing engineers more like an extension of the project, like it should be. 

We have been lucky to have worked with great artists and be involved in projects that ended up playing on the radio and television. 

Being artists ourselves we know how sensitive art can be and, with this in mind, we bring our expertise to advise and lead the project towards the client’s goals without being carried away with our own artistic views by guiding our clients to make the right decisions unless we are given the freedom to make them. 

Starting at 15€


Paperweight – Pretérito Imperfeito (Before Mixing)
Paperweight – Pretérito Imperfeito (Final mix)

Contentor – Dream On (Before Mixing)
Contentor – Dream On (Final mix)


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