Stereo Tracking + Mastering

The F.O.H mix is taken by a simple L+R and then mastered. 

If you are on a budget, or you are a Dj and just want to record your gig and have it mastered, this is a great option.


  • Raw Recording and mastering of the gig
  • A whole gig file + all separate songs (44100Hz 24Bit Wav + 320Kbps Mp3) (Bands only)
  • All songs will be named and numbered (Metadata)
  • The files will be shared through our Google Drive
  • Takes about a week to deliver 


  • Venue name and address 
  • Soundcheck hour, to set up the recording equipment – For bands
  • The time the artist/ band gets on stage
  • Artist/Band Name 
  • The set list in order, to add the media info – For bands

(We can send you a recording of the concert to confirm the song names if set changes during the show) 

Starting at 60€