Multi-Tracking + Mixing

Multi-tracking consists in recording multiple instruments on separate tracks thus making it possible to mix the tracks before the mastering process, which will elevate the quality of the recording. 

We can provide up to 12 tracks analog or up to 128 via Dante. 

Dante is a common network used in live sound installations and events. To record in Dante, it helps to have a word with the responsible sound technician beforehand to be sure everything runs smoothly. 

This is the cleanest way to record because there is no added audio degradation in the signal path since there are less conversions. 

  • You will get:
  • Recording and mixing of the whole concert
  • Mastering NOT included, but can be ordered
  • A whole concert file + all separate songs (48Khz 24Bit Wav)
  • 320Kbps Mp3 if mastering is chosen as well
  • All songs will be named and numbered (Metadata)
  • The files will be shared through our Google Drive


  • Artist/Band Name 
  • Venue name and address
  • The time the artist/band gets on stage 
  • Sound check start time 
  • Inform which instruments are going to be recorded/played 
  • 2 reference songs for mixing (Band and/or song names will do; Optional) 
  • The set list in order, to add the media info 

(we can send you a recording of the gig to confirm the song names if set changes) 

Starting at 90€

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