Being organised saves everyone a headache and time, this way, we urge everyone to be professional, organised and patient. And for that, we have a few basic requirements so that everything flows as smooth as possible so that we don’t lose focus on what’s important, the music: 

  • Name every track with the shortest name that can describe what is in it best. This will save our engineers trying to guess what instrument is on the track and losing precious time and energy 
  • Try to be clear about the project’s goals. Informing us of the musical influences or if you have an ideia what the project is intended to sound like are but some of the things we can be informed of, to better understand how to achieve the end result. 
  • Don’t export your projects with compressors/ limiters on the master bus or any other summing bus. We know that loud sounds nicer, but let our engineers work on that, try to compress as least as possible so the dynamic range of the song is not affected too much on the rest of the post-production stages. Please leave as much headroom as you can for our mastering engineers to work.
  • Export your projects with the same sample rate you have recorded them. If you recorded in 44100hz, send us the tracks in that format, you will not gain any more quality if exporting the same tracks in 48Khz because the information is already written on those recorded files. 
  • Always deliver us the files with 24 bit sample rate, if you cannot, 16 bit will suffice
  • Name the project folder with the Sample Rate, Bit Depth, Bpm and Key if possible

Ex.: Artist_Song Name_(48khz_24bit_87bpm_Gm)

  • Need help exporting the stems or have doubts about something? Explain the issue, and we will find a solution together. 
  • We are just like everyone else, except we buy a ton of audio gear, so…yeah.

For more info drop us an email