Q: Can I order different services at the same time or do I have to book each service through their respective emails?

A: Either send the request via our general quotes@deerhipsterstudios.com email, or just send the full request to any of the other emails provided:

  • recording@deerhipsterstudios.com
  • mixing@deerhipsterstudios.com
  • mastering@deerhipsterstudios.com

Q: Which format and how should I submit my files?

A: We accept AIFF or Wav files from 44.1Khz up to 96Khz, 16 to 32bit, preferably 24 bits or higher. You need to bounce/ export your tracks from the same point so all files have the same length, sample rate and bit depth.

Do not forget to turn normalize off, and send us the effects on separate tracks, only if you feel that a certain INSERT effect shapes the sound of the given instrument, send us that track with the effect and a copy without (dry), just to be on the safe side.

We apologise, but we do not accept DAW sessions/ projects.

Name the files with the shortest name and as clear as possible. Ex: SD or Snare, Lead Vox, El. Gtr 1, A.Gtr, Keys L+R.. If you need help with naming, just tell us the instruments and we will give you the abbreviations.

Put your files inside a folder that contains the song name, sample rate, bit rate, bpm and key, whenever possible, write this information on your projects folder, which in the end should look something like this:

One last cookie (48Khz 24bit, 94Bpm, Fm)

If more than one song, or you are releasing an EP or album:

  • Create a folder with artist/band name
    • Create a folder with EP/ Album name
      • Create folders for the different songs


  • Cookie Monster
    • I like them with chocolate EP
      • One last cookie (48Khz 24bit, 94Bpm, Fm)

Remember to double check if all files are correctly bounced before you send them.

Q: How should I send the files?

As soon as we get to an agreement, we will send you a link where you can safely upload your tracks to. This will be where all files will be delivered during our service.

Q: Yeah, I really want to hire your services, but how do I pay?

A: Send us an email with at least a 3 minutes section that includes also, the loudest section of your song(s), and we will get back to you with a quote for your project. And as soon as we come to an agreement, we will send you the payment details.

We accept Paypal, Bank transfer and mobile pay (Portugal only).

Q: Can I get more revisions?

A: The 3 revisions included are more than sufficient, but you can buy more if needed.

Q: I received mastered my song 3 days after the deadline. Why?

A: We only start working on the orders, when we receive the payment, and of course, the files. There can be also delays delivering the files due to some files need fixing, so try to have everything nice and neat, so that our engineers just have to focus on their job.

Q: I submitted my songs to mastering, but I am not super secure about the mixes. Should I pay for mix feedback for all of them?

A: Before our engineers start mastering a song, they will check if there are any problems that should be solved on the mixing stage. So you don’t need to pay for mix feedback, but you should be sure that your mix has no issues to avoid delays.

Q: Can you help me, I can’t find any topic related to what I am looking for.

A: Absolutely! Just drop us an email at info@deerhipsterstudios.com and we will help you out.

Q: I do not like the final mix of my podcast, how should I proceed?

A: That is unfortunate, we won’t deny it, but problems do come up from time to time. But we don’t focus so much on the issue itself, but the solution. If you run into a problem, just tell us before you review us, so we can fix it together before it is too late, remember, you have 3 revisions included, use them.

Q: How does your studio look like?

A: Well, to start, it has a really nice view, a rare bonus among studios, it is very inspiring to be working in a place with natural light. Mixing is done around our mothership, a Midas Venice F32 console. Nowadays, our approach is hybrid, with top notch plugins in the box and selection of outboard gear.

If you need more information, you can reach us here:


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